Cause all the stars are fading away

After the crash, I slept for a week or even more – maybe a month I guess. When I woke up, I was tired and lightheaded. My car was almost completely destroyed, and I couldn’t see any bit of life around me.
I walked a lonely road; my shadow was the only one that walked beside me. I walked for miles and miles and hours and hours. Sometimes, I wished some out there would find me. There was none.
At the end of the night, I arrived in a town, a small town. And in the streets the children screamed, the lovers cried, and the poets dreamed. I saw a baby was sleeping so scared to be alone. And I saw a girl who sang the blues. I knew, if she had wings she would fly away, and another day God would give her some. She’s got a smile that seemed to me a kind of hope.
I tried to talk to her, but she ran away. I tried to talk to the children, lovers and poets, but they ran away. Everyone ran away, except the little fish, and he told me I should ask myself why.
The little fish told me to make my way back home and learn to fly. He also told me that men dreams one day to fly. And I had just one chance, one way ticket to the times I had before. I should learn to fly to pursuit my dreams
And I took a rocket ship into the skies, to live on a star dying in the night.

Image: Square, of Bob Kupbens.


O vodu

Tentava entender o que sentia, mas perdia-se na profusão de sentimentos dentro de si. Lhe tinha amor, mas sentia algo diferente disso, embora quisesse justificar que o que sentia era de fato amor. E com aquele boneco nas mãos, lembrando ele, com um fiapo de sua roupa e um cacho de seus cabelos, ela espetava agulhas vermelhas. Ela sabia, dalguma forma, a dor que ele sentia e as vezes que tropeçou a cada espetada. Mas a última espetada, a que deu no peito do vodu, doeu forte em seu coração.

Imagem de autoria desconhecida.